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Our wine list, which we constantly change and upgrade ,contains a variety of good wines from different regions. The most popular ones are, House Selection 175ml £3.75........bottle £13.95 - Pinot Grigio Rose.......bottle £16.95 - House Champagne .........£34.95

Prices are correct on the day of publishing but may vary as suppliers increase their prices

White Wine

House Selection Sec France
Glass 175ml £4.25/Glass 250ml £5.45 . . .£15.95
Dry white wine from the South of France.

Trebbiano D'Abruzzo, Italy (1L)
Half Litre £8.95 . . . £16.95
A light, dry, easy going Italian white wine.

Sauvignon Blanc, Silver Ghost, Chile...£17.95
Aromatic Chilean Sauvignon that is fruity yet clean, crisp and refreshing.

Chenin Blanc, Robertson Winery, South Africa. . . . £18.95
A crisp, clean and complex Chenin with a lime zest nose followed by a soft yet crisp finish

Chardonnay, Five Foot Track, Australia
Glass 175ml £4.95/Glass 250ml £6.85 . . .£19.95
A fruit driven easy drinking Aussie. Loads of citrusy and tropical fruit flavours with an elegant finish

Pinot Grigio Alfredini, Italy
Glass 175ml £4.95/Glass 250ml £6.85. . . . £19.95
You can't get enough of this classy lime-fruited Italian classic and on this showing who can blame you.

Chemin des Dames, Comte Tolosan, France. . . . £21.95
This sweet and smooth white wine will offer you a very nice bouquet of fruit aromas.

Rioja Blanco Marques de Caseres, Spain . . . £22.95
Superb white Rioja with a complex and distinctive flavour. Lay back and dream of Spain.

Chablis, Cape St Martin, France. . . . £28.95
A steely minerally and flinty Chablis that is elegant and refined.

Sancerre les Boudrieres, France. . . . £29.95
Just wonderful.


Blushmore Zinfandel Rosê, Italy
Glass 175ml £4.95/Glass 250ml £6.75. . . . . £18.95
Sweet. A freshly jammy Rosé giving a wonderful bright coral colour..

Pinot Grigio Veneto Pink, Italy
Glass 175ml £4.95/Glass 250ml £6.75. . . . . £18.95
Dry, light and pleasantly sourish flavour. Cherry Red colour with glints of coral.

Red Wine

House Selection Rouge, France
Glass 175ml £4.25/Glass 250ml £5.45 . . . £15.95
Medium bodied red wine from the South of France.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy (1L)
Half Litre £8.95...£16.95
Hints of warmth and savoury fruits, a smooth Italian favourite.

Merlot, Two Ridge Trail, Australia
Glass 175ml £4.75/Glass 250ml £6.25 . . . £17.95
Firm, full bodied and jammed with red fruit flavours

Shiraz Five Foot Track, Australia. . . . £18.95
A juicy little number this one and no mistake. A brilliant Aussie blend with a touch of peppery spice. .

Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Ghost, Chile. . . . £19.95
A highly concentrated Cabernet plentiful with blueberry and blackberry fruits and silky chocolaty edge.

Rioja MonteLagares, Spain . . .£20.95
This full bodied, spicy Rioja is aged in American/French oak for 6 months imparting hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

Malbec, Aires Andinos, Argentina . . . £21.95
Medium bodied Malbec with soft tannins and good crisp acidity.

Chianti, F.lli Grati-Rufina, Italy. . . . . £22.95
Classic Italian red, full bodied with a hint of cherry and spice.

St Emilion Esprit De Lussac, France. . . . £28.95
A rich, mellow, full of style and elegance Merlot from Bordeux’s most historic wine region.

Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Reserve Capouliers, France . . . £29.95
A Rhone classic without a doubt. This wine offers a heady, perfumed nose and a rich, spicy bramble fruit.

Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Italy
Glass 175ml £5.95....£24.95.
Fresh, fine, soft and fruity Prosecco with a fine mousse.

House Champagne. . . .£34.95
Good icebreaking aperitif.

De-Lux Champagne . . . £44.95
The fizz that launched a thousand ships.

Kir. . . . £5.45
Kir Royal...£6.95